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Here is to all those who want a basement renovation for additional income!

While you wouldn’t mind having a kitchenette and half bathroom for yourself, it is an ideal remodeling option if you’re willing to rent out your basement after renovation.

Of course, you want to make the most out of your small-sized basement, and anyone wanting to pay rent would check it for its practicality.

Truthfully speaking, your basement aesthetics may please the tenant, but they would not consider living in a space that lacks functionality.

Fortunately, a kitchenette and a half bathroom is an excellent way to utilize your basement to its maximum. Adding both features will make your basement a perfect rental space.

Because Basement Remodel Akron Oh understands the importance of redesigning the basement, we believe in offering practical solutions that align with the customer’s needs and demands.

Basement Remodel Akron OH

A kitchenette is a smaller version of your typical home kitchen. While standard kitchens have additional options to maximize the cooking experience and offer better utility, the kitchenette features only the essential equipment for preparing meals. For instance, you may not find full-sized appliances in a kitchenette. Instead, a mini-fridge, small microwave, and a tiny stovetop serve the fundamental needs.

Besides, it may have two or more small cabinets to place necessary grocery items. How well a kitchenette is designed depends on the skill of the remodeling engineers. Simply put, you can make the kitchenette a functional place if you opt for the right services.

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Kitchenette Vs. Kitchen: What’s the Difference?

One primary difference between a kitchenette and a kitchen is the size. The former is relatively smaller, while the latter can be larger. Besides, a kitchenette offers limited utility, while a kitchen allows for more functionality.
More practicality signifies more appliances that are probably missing or otherwise less in a kitchenette. Here are a few other points highlighting the difference between both.

  • A kitchen is typically larger than 80 square feet, whereas a kitchenette is less than one.
  • Your home kitchen generally features all the basic appliances and may include additional devices for enhanced functionality. The kitchenette, on the other hand, has only a few essential appliances due to limited space.
  • The kitchen is typically a separate room – unless it’s an open kitchen. On the flip side, the kitchenette is shared.
  • Kitchens are pretty challenging to clean. Kitchenettes, however, and relatively easy to clean.
  • The former is an appropriate option for passionate cooks; the latter serves the needs of occasional home cooks or those wanting to feature it in their basement to maximize its usage.

Benefits of Kitchenette

Given the many benefits of the kitchen, one may wonder if kitchenettes offer any convenience, to begin with.
In all honesty, they are excellent for apartments with limited space, from offices to college dormitories and home basements.
In fact, they are perfect for individuals living in small houses. Here are a few benefits of a kitchenette.

● You can install the basic appliances in the kitchenette while staying on your budget. So, purchasing small kitchen equipment will pack utility with affordability.

● You would not need to go the extra mile to clean your kitchen’s oily and greasy stains. Because the space is small, it’ll take a few minutes to make your kitchenette squeaky clean.

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What Are Half Bathrooms?

The most straightforward way to understand half bathrooms is to consider the four basic features of your standard bathrooms. A typical bathroom includes a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub.

Your full bath is equipped with all these components. However, a quarter bath only has a toilet, sink, shower, or bathtub. A half bath, on the other hand, has a toilet and sink – no shower. So they offer the essential functions but lack practicality, nonetheless.


Benefits of Half Bathrooms

Half baths are excellent for your basement room and for good reasons. They do not take up much space and make up for a functional alternative to a full bathroom. Yes, they lack a shower, but the other side of the picture is brighter. Here’s how.

● They boost the resale value of your home.

● They are pretty easy to clean and maintain

● Any tenant would go for a basement as their living space with a kitchenette and a half bathroom.

● If you do not plan to rent out your basement, a half bathroom can serve the needs of your guests.

● It’ll be used less frequently than other bathrooms around your property. So, you won’t encounter occasional gutter clogs

basement remodel akron oh

At Basement Remodel Akron, we aim to offer you value for every dollar you spend. Therefore, remodeling your basement isn’t about improving its aesthetics but enhancing its functionality.
We offer numerous kitchenette and half bathroom options to maximize your basement’s practicality and provide you with greater convenience.