Entertainment Features

Entertainment Features

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Basement Remodel Akron OH

If the thought of basement remodeling crossed your head on a boring Sunday night, we bet you desired to turn it into an entertainment zone. You imagined your unfinished basement’s potential and how you could utilize it to kill your boredom.

While the elderly go for basement remodeling to add additional space in their home or boost their property’s value, teens and adults typically think of making it a fun place.

Luckily, you have countless choices for the basement you’re willing to renovate.

However, before planning on an entertainment feature, you need to consider your needs and wants. For instance, if you like spending your leisure time doing artwork, a mini-gym won’t do it for you. Similarly, fitness enthusiasts won’t go for a home theater.

Once you understand your preferences, you can talk to us, and we’ll work our fingers to the bone to turn your basement into the place you always desired.

Akron Basement Remodeling is familiar with the details and structures each entertainment feature requires to turn out gorgeous.

From furniture to the flooring and ceiling to the wall paint, the components of your basements will differ per the entertainment hub. Here are some popular, exciting, and fun features to consider.


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Basement Remodel Akron OH

Do your kids force you to take them out when you’re streaming your favorite Netflix season? Or do they clutter the home with toys? Regardless of the reason, utilizing your basement as a kid’s playroom can save your day. Not only will it make your kids happy, but it will also give you a sense of relief. You can either add a miniature playhouse or turn your basement into a play ball pit.

It’ll eliminate the hassle of collecting toys from under the bed, below the sofa, and your kitchen cabinets. Yes, kids place their favorite toys anywhere. In fact, you may come across a few in your fridge. By dedicating an area solely for fun and amusement, you’ll avoid this problem like a pro.

Home Gym

Here’s one for all the fitness enthusiasts! While going to the gym doesn’t hurt, we all realized the importance of indoor gyms during the pandemic.
So, if you’re into fitness, you must consider adding a mini-gym to your home. Yes, gyms can get costly, but you can always consider budget-friendly options by sticking to essentials.
Here are some popular features to consider:

● Stairclimber

● Punching bag

● Stationary bike

● Treadmill

● Rower

● Bench press

Besides, communicate your favorite features to the company you hire. Everybody prefers a certain atmosphere when working out. Which aesthetics motivate you not to skip the gym day? Is it a hydration station, overhead lighting, hanging mirrors, or decorative walls? Communicating your preferences will make your mini gym incredibly practical.

Home Theater

Do you prefer spending a typical Sunday night streaming movies? Well, no one is to blame here. Nothing beats the charm of curling up on your cozy sofa and watching your favorite characters performing at their best.
An unfinished basement is your chance to boost your movie experience and make each season unforgettable. Reclining theater seats in your basement offers a way to view movies from the front row.
You’d only need to grab some popcorn, pour soda, and snuggle as you stream movies.

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Gaming Station

Are you a gaming freak who seeks a private and noiseless room for an uninterrupted gaming experience? You can turn your home basement into a gaming station and enjoy playing your favorite games on the go. Note that gaming stations can be kept minimal or groovy. What’s your ideal choice? Make sure you address your preferences to make the most out of your basement gaming studio.

Sport Court

You no longer need to wait for summers to enjoy outdoor games. A sports court gives you access to games year-round. Now you only need to pick your favorite game. Is it basketball, hockey, or football? Yes, you may not be exposed to direct natural sunlight as in outdoor games, but indoor games have a unique kick, which you can only know after playing.

Private Library

Does literature pique your interest, or do you prefer reading general knowledge books to enlighten yourself? Only a book freak understands the worth of having a private library. If there is one thing every book lover prefers, it’s silence; silence when reading the book and trying to digest the author’s words. The basement makes for a tranquil place ideal for a private library. If you adore books, we bet you won’t regret the decision to turn your basement into a library.

Art Studio

Every artist appreciates a private space, a place that motivates them to express themselves and encourages them to paint that one-in-a-million kind of painting. If you want to complete your art uninterrupted, consider turning your basement into an art studio. Your basement has a serene atmosphere that’ll inspire you to paint – as long as you do not prefer an outdoor environment.

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