Electrical Fixtures

Electrical Fixtures

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Basement Remodel Akron OH

Regardless of the quality flooring and contemporary basement structure, an improperly lit space appears unsightly by the end of the day.

Electrical fixtures perfectly complement the entire basement renovation. In fact, your basement remodeling is incomplete without proper lights.

The electrical fixtures are the lights that connect directly to your home’s electrical supply. Because we understand the importance lighting plays in beautifying your basement, we offer numerous electrical fixture options.

You can pick an option per your preferences or take a piece of advice from our expert team. Here are a few types of electrical fixtures.

Basement Remodel Akron OH


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Ceiling Mounted Fixture

These lights are installed onto the ceiling and are typically enclosed in a plastic or glass material. They are incredibly popular among US households, and most residential buildings have been using them for years.
They direct the light downward and boost other light sources – think chandelier.


Speaking of chandelier lighting, they are among the big lighting fixtures that require great skill and experience for installation. Although most people mount them in their dining room or living space, you can go for one in your basement.
If you plan to build a home theater or an art studio in your basement, we recommend installing a chandelier. Not only will it provide ambient lighting, but it will enhance the beauty of your basement.
Whether you prefer traditionally styled chandeliers or contemporary ones, you have plenty of styles and colors to pick from.

Track Lighting

Track lighting features numerous light heads that can be placed anywhere on the track. This allows you to adjust the lighting position and even the direction of heads. It is an excellent option if you’re seeking to improve the overall lighting of your basement.
Given that basements are dark and enclosed, installing track lighting can significantly enhance their lighting.


LED recessed fixtures are pretty common. They are mounted above the ceiling and provide a narrow band of lighting. Besides, they provide a narrow band of illumination for any particular task.
You can use them as a primary illumination source or add them to your existing electrical fixtures.
Although they are widely used for hallways and kitchens, you can install one in your basement.

What About Windows?

There’s nothing better than a natural light source in your basement. Typically, if any of your family members has claustrophobia, there is no reason not to consider window installation. It makes your basement more spacious and conveys a sense of peace.
Note that you do not need to consider this option if you do not mind dark enclosed spaces. In fact, a few people prefer closed and confined rooms because it makes them feel pleasant and tranquil. If you belong to the same category, go for a window-free basement.

Address Moisture Issues to a Professional

The last on our list but the most important one for your basement remodeling!
If you have mold, mildew, or other signs of moisture around your property, you must address this issue with the company you choose for remodeling services.
When your property has humidity and ventilation issues, your basement is the first to bear the consequences.
Perhaps you’re paying the price to redesign your basement, and nothing will be more frustrating than stumbling into mold growth or damp flooring in your newly built basement.
Addressing these issues before construction will be in your best interests down the line. The professionals may install a dehumidifier, fix drainage issues, or mount an additional window for ventilation.
However, you must talk to them about moisture problems to inform them beforehand.


Lamps are excellent add-ons. You have two options to choose from.

Table lamps

They are generally used for task lighting. For instance, you can turn them on while reading a book or planning on your new art. They provide excellent illumination, but it depends on the style and the light bulb type. However, if you opt for quality lamps, they perfectly illuminate smaller rooms – like your basement.

Floor lamps

Nothing beats the charm of elegant-looking floor lamps. They take up tiny space in the corner of the room and complement the other lighting in your basement. Floor lamps are excellent for the minor light you desire as you doze off.

basement remodel akron oh
basement remodel akron oh

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting aims to illuminate a specific spot in your basement. For instance, you may need to highlight a particular architectural feature, your book collection, or an indoor plant. Three varying fixtures provide accent lighting.


These highly versatile fixtures can serve as accent lighting, and you can install them onto the walls downward or upward. They add to your existing basement aesthetics, enhancing the decor.


It is one of the most popular types of architectural lighting. Generally, homeowners place it on a ledge or a shelf. However, a few choose to install it high above the wall. An excellent way to maximize its utility is to install it above the ceiling of your bed. It makes up for a perfect room to spend cozy nights with your better half.


It is also a form of architectural lighting, but it illuminates downward. Soft lighting offers an exciting way to give dimension to specific objects.

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We aim to style your basement and make it more delightful to live in. Whether you want to improve your home’s functionality, boost its value, or utilize the space for fun, we are at your service to spruce it up!